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Round up post.

*waves* Hi, its me. You're long lost organizer. I know things have been quiet around here and I apologize for that. For those of you who don't know my company opened a new location and I've been working 11-18 hour days pretty much 7 days a week for the last 3-4 weeks. Thus the reason I've been so scarce. We've Grand Opened now so I theoretically shall be going back to having days off. Today I had one, hence the posting.

I know there's a lot of other stuff going on and I know that peoples plans change so I want to ask again who still plans on coming down to New Orleans for a weekend. There were 11 names in the original poll who wanted to come (including myself). If some of you have changed your minds, I understand. If someone else who didn't say they wanted to wants to come, the more the merrier. As of right now, I reserved 4 rooms (fully refundable; we're not locked in to anything. I can get more, I can make it less.) at a hotel in the Quarter within walking distance to everything. However, I've also found a place that has 2, 3 and 4 bedroom suites which I think would probably better suit depending on who still wants to come.

I personally have taken the time off of work and will be spending a weekend in the quarter even if I'm the only one there.

So here's what I need. If you're definitely coming shoot me an email. If you're still on the fence shoot me an email. I need to get an approximate number so I can figure out what to do for rooms. itjustsaysnow at gmail dot com

I also need to know when you're getting here and when you're leaving (or planning to come and go) so that I can make sure the situation's feesable for everyone.

The 11 names from before are : nolajax, black_regalia, rei_c, sofiaviolet, calicokat, bionic, gigglinkat, baileytc, everly, k_cat, _sin_attract

hotel time

The weekend which the LEAST amount of people chose as one they couldn't make was June 22nd through the 24th. The later things got into July the more people who were unavailable so that's it folks.

Anyone who wants to come down to New Orleans we'll be here June 22nd through June 24th. Come on down and hang out.

Poll #939229 Hotel Questions

That weekend works and I wanna come!


I'd prefer the hotel to be

balcony rooms on Bourbon (little more expensive)
a few blocks away (little less expensive)

On 6/22/07 I'll be



Hey guys

*waves*  Okay, so I'm about ready to pick a date and secure a hotel and whatnot.  In the original poll on my lj there were 17+ people interested.  So far the poll here has 11.  If you guys could put this out there so we can see who else wants to come that'd be awesome.   Also there's way more than 10 people watching this comm so if you guys haven't filled out the poll yet can you please go ahead and do that.

I'm gonna make it a point to announce the date and try and have some starter information for everyone come Sunday... so put the word out.

Suggestions Box

If you've got ideas tell me about them. No guarantees, but I'm open to lots of ideas here.

Comments are screened in case I think your good idea should be a surprise for others.


Tell me here if you want to help plan.
Tell me here if you want to make the comm's layout/userinfo pretty.
Tell me here if you want to welcome little fishes in with gently smiling jaws (What?? I have an Alice in Wonderland problem...)

As other things need to be done, I'll update the list &/or strike things out as people volunteer. If no one does, I'll do it myself. *g*



Ask all your questions here. Comments are screened, feel free to ask anything.


We've gotta set a date!!

I've been in New Orleans all weekend for Mardi Gras and I've got TONS of ideas for having a fun weekend this summer, but to get the ball rolling first we've got to
pick a dateCollapse )